About Stylish Eye Diva

Ta’sha Henry Also Known As Stylish Eye Diva,

Owner & Creator Of The Good Vibe Collection.

Spreading Positive Energy With Style! 

Born and raised in Newark, NJ, Ta’sha always had a thing for fashion. She started as Personal Wardrobe Stylist & Closet Organizer before becoming CEO of The Good Vibe Collection. The Good Vibe Bracelets were created as a reminder that Good Energy Is Contagious, Why Not Spread It With Style! Since the bracelets grew so quickly, the collection added more items to complete any wardrobe! It’s an entire collection of Good Vibes! Ta’sha offers Wholesale Opportunities to other women (and men). She wants to help them make money while spreading Positive Energy With Style! 

Keep In Touch
Email info@thegoodvibecollection.com
Phone (470) 655-5881